# Starcombo Introduction

# What is Starcombo?

Starcombo is a tool allowing users to build their DeFi strategy on Starknet simply by drag&drop.

When creating a combo, users can access multiple DeFi protocols and select which action they want to do. Users will then need to fill in the required inputs, and Starcombo will bundle them into a combo, which is a single transaction sent on the Starknet network.

# Which protocols can I use with Starcombo?

For now, only Jediswap and Myswap are supported. Want to add your favorite DeFi protocol to Starcombo? Let us know!

# Does Starcombo charge fees?

Starcombo does not charge any fees on any operation.

# Is Starcombo open-sourced?

You can find all of our code on Github.