# Combos

Customize your transactions with an easy drag-and-drop mechanism

# DeFi Protocols we support on Starknet

Decentralized Exchanges

Starcombo is a tool allowing users to build their DeFi strategy on Starknet simply by drag&drop.

When creating a combo, users can access multiple DeFi protocols and select which action they want to do. Users will then need to fill in the required inputs, and Starcombo will bundle them into a combo, which is a single transaction sent on the Starknet network.

# How do I create a combo?

To create a combo, you will need to add multiple blocks. Each block represents an action within a DeFi protocol, such as providing or removing liquidity or swapping tokens. Once you have multiple blocks and you have locked them, you can re-order the block as you wish.

For example, this is a strategy that swaps 100 J23FEB0 tokens to 3.54 J23FEB1 tokens on Jediswap, and then uses the output of this first operation as an input to the add liquidity operation.

I can easily modify this strategy by adding a block and re-ordering them with a simple drag&drop.